Echoes Within

"We are all forever blowing bubbles..."


Echoes Within was made in collaboration with Philipp Weber and Christophe Genard.  Philipp collaborated with Ernst Reijseger, a cellist, to interpret the sound of glassmaking during a performance piece at the Leerdam Museum of Glass in September 2015.

As my own project is linked with sound it was a natural choice to collaborate with Philipp on this piece.  


The multichambered horn was made to express the primitive echolocation we all possess within ourselves. The horn has been cut and coldworked to allow the viewer to interact and blow through the piece.

John Stuart Reid, an acoustic physicist, has in his research discovered that sound is shaped like a bubble.  Hot glass likewise is blown using a bubble and is the perfect medium to show visually how sound works.


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Photo Credit: Tony Wainwright Photography